Puerto Vallarta Boat Rentals

The Puerto Vallarta Boat Rentals

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Puerto Vallarta Boat Rentals

Few things are quite as exhilarating as spending a day out on the bay off Puerto Vallarta. You get to smell the shimmering ocean, while the humpback whales and dolphins playfully interact nearby. Chartering a boat for the day is one of the best ways to enjoy the best of Banderas Bay without having to follow a set itinerary or the maddening crowds. We offer Puerto Vallarta Boat Rentals for your vacation.

Puerto Vallarta Water Excursions for Affordable Boat Rentals

Now you can charter a boat for a few hours, or for the whole day, with Puerto Vallarta Water Excursions. Take the boat out to popular snorkeling destinations such as Yelapa, Las Animas or Los Acros, or whatever you wish to do.

If you just want to hang out on the boat while it bobs around the bay, that is just fine too!

Our 26 foot Fiberglass Penga Boat is new with a new Yamaha 115 motor (constructed in 2014, launched in 2015) has a bathroom and open fibreglass construction.

Puerto Vallarta Water Excursions will supply a licensed guide who is fully insured with permits from the Port Authority to operate in Puerto Vallarta. Both the boat and guide has permits for all local attractions.

The boat has a capacity of 10 people for most activities, except for fishing, which allows a maximum of 4.

About Your Fishing Charter Boat Trip

Puerto Vallarta offers some big catches. It is not unheard of to catch 200lbs yellowfin tuna. The ocean is teeming with Dorado, Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin, which makes Puerto Vallarta one of the best sport fishing destinations in the world.

Puerto Vallarta Water Excursions Boat Rentals Details

Whether you want to beach hop, snorkel or go fishing, Puerto Vallarta Water Excursions has the boat for you. The boats depart daily on your schedule from the Puerto Vallarta Marina, and includes an expert crew with the necessary permits, licence and insurance.

Bring along your own biodegradable sunscreen, swimsuit, hat, camera and binoculars and lunch.

Contact Puerto Vallarta Water Excursions to book your whale watching tour today for memories that will last a lifetime.