Puerto Vallarta Fishing FAQs and our Boats

Puerto Vallarta Fishing FAQs and our Boats

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Puerto Vallarta Fishing FAQs and our Boats

puerto vallarta fishing faqs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Puerto Vallarta fishing and our boats. The sport fishing boats in Puerto Vallarta Water Excursion's fleet, and what kind of fish you can expect to catch on one of our fishing charter outings. If you have more questions CONTACT US - or, if you are visiting Puerto Vallarta, call Fausto Joya at (521 Country Code) 322-143-4968.

When is the best time to fish for sail, marlin, tuna, etc?

See our Fishing Calendar (coming soon!).

Can we fish for specific species?

It is possible to fish for specific species...but there are several factors to determine...time year, location, water temperatures, barometric pressure, currents and the fishing gear being used all determine what can be caught. It's always our goal to meet your requests.

Can we target a specific fish like wahoo for example?

Certainly, but wahoo for example are a supplemental catch, usually caught while trolling for other fish species, it is difficult to predict where these individual and non-schooling type, fish will be found. We do have wahoo lures to try, or you can bring your own.

Do you have or support a catch and release angling program?

Naturally, and we encourage all fisherman to follow conservation when at all possible. Just inform our crew that you would like your fish released, and we are more than happy to accommodate you.

What fishing gear will be supplied on our outing?

Our fishing charters are fully equipped with excellent gear to make sure we land what we hook.

If I damage any equipment or lose any equipment is there a charge?

Yes, we will only charge the replacement value of the damaged or lost item[s].

Is a Mexican or local fishing license required? Does it come with the charter?

To fish in Mexico, you require either an US issued Salt-Water Fishing License, or a Mexican Salt-Water Fishing License, the License can be purchased from us for $12 USD per person.

Do we have to pay if we don't catch any Fish?

Yes. However, our Captains and Crew are all Local guides with years of experience in this area, if the fish are there we will help you catch them.

Can I bring and fish with my own tackle/gear?

Certainly you can, and if you like with our supplied tackle as well.

Is it possible for me to hook and bait the fish myself?

Anything is possible as long as it's safe and adds to your enjoyment, tell the crew what you like and we will assist you.

What if I am unsatisfied with anything during my charter?

When you return the owner of Puerto Vallarta Water Excursions is Fausto Joya, and Fausto is always available to discuss and possible issues and settle them.

Is there live bait included with my fishing trip?

Typically locally caught Mullet is on board daily, and is incorporated in the cost of your charter. If you would like a different baitfish, it will be charged as an extra (if available).

How does my fish get cleaned?

Your fish will be fully prepared for you by the crew.

Can I take my fish home?

You certainly can, freezer packets and coolers are available locally to package your catch for the trip home. Bringing fish fillets to the US or Canada is not an issue with customs or the airlines, just confirm the quantity allowed or freight charges before you fly.

What if I want my fish mounted?

We work with local Taxidermists and we can arrange to have your fish prepared and mounted. Ask the Crew for details.

Is it possible to reserve a specific boat or Captain?

Yes it is, let us know at the time of the reservation. As long as the vessel and Captain are available they are both yours. 

Are Crews fluent in English?

Yes, all of our Captains are bilingual and some of the crew are still learning.

Are your large game fishing boats equipped with fighting chairs?

Yes, but some people prefer their own style with rod belt and harness, it's up to you.

What time do the typical trips depart the marina? Is it possible to leave earlier?

Typical departure time is around 7am. Earlier or later departures can be prearranged.

What time do the charters return?

This is dependent on the type of trip you reserve and how many hours and how far you decide to go offshore. Water and weather conditions are also taken into consideration.

What about bathrooms? 

The boats doing the shorter Bay of Banderas trips do not but the full day trips have an enclosed head.

What is a common value for a tip for the Crew?

Normally its similar to a restaurant tip of 10-20% and like a restaurant based on your satisfaction with the Crew and their performance.

What are your fishing trip rates?

Please review our Services & Rates (Coming Soon).

Do you know what airlines fly into Puerto Vallarta?

Most major airlines service the Puerto Vallarta region.

Do I need identification of that a passport to come to Mexico?

No, but bring your typical picture ID . When you enter the country you receive a Tourist Card...keep it safe it's required to exit the Country.

What happens if we cancel the trip?

Please review our Cancellation Policy (Coming Soon).

Is it possible to reserve with no deposit?

Sorry but all charters require a reservation deposit. When the deposit is received, we will confirm your reservation by return email, the remaining balance is due on arrival in Puerto Vallarta.

When is it necessary to pay for the trip?

A deposit is required to make and hold your reservation and full payment is required before boarding your boat for the fishing outing. The payment can be made in Pesos, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Traveler's checks.